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For Clients of Apprenticeship Manitoba, Mines Branch (iMaQs), Agriculture, Food & Rural Development and Companies Directory

Do not login as a new user as you may already have a profile in AccessManitoba. Please contact the help desk by emailing accessmanitoba@gov.mb.ca to verify if you have an AccessManitoba profile or to access your profile. Help desk hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Apprenticeship Manitoba clients include:

  • a current employer of apprentices
  • a registered apprentice
  • a prospective apprentice who has submitted a paper application

Mines Branch (iMaQs) clients include:

  • mining clients who currently hold a prospecting licence, mineral dispositions and/or leases
  • quarry clients who have applied for or currently hold quarry dispositions/leases/registrations
  • IMPORTANT: once you have created your profile in AccessManitoba, you will need to log back in to the iMaQs site in order to be properly accredited in the system.

  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD):

    • MAFRD uses AccessManitoba to administer a variety of programs and services.
    • If you are a client of MAFRD please contact the help desk to verify if you have a profile in the system.
    • Your AccessManitoba number can only be obtained by contacting the help desk.

    Companies Directory clients may include:

    • Manitoba manufacturers (including food processors)
    • Manitoba companies involved in exporting
    • other Manitoba companies previously listed in the Companies Directory